AAM 2012: Blogging Basics 101

Building blogs in Wordpress

Edit an existing page

1. Look at your open website. Note the link to “Sample Page” in the top nav. Click on it and note how the page is different from a post.

2. Go back to the Dashboard and click on Pages at left. There should be one page in the list–Sample Page.

3. Hover over the name of the page until the edit menu appears below it, then click Quick Edit.

2. Change the Title to “About”. Change the Slug to “about” (if you choose something else, use only lowercase letters and no spaces). Uncheck “Allow Comments,” then click Update. Go back to your site and refresh the page to see your changes.

3. Go back to the Dashboard, hover over the page name again, and click on “Edit.”

4. Delete anything in the content box, and replace it with a couple of sentences about yourself. Click Update.

5. Click back into the content box, and make sure your cursor is at the beginning of the paragraph (or any paragraph, if you have more than one). Click the first button next to Upload/Insert (just above the format bar).

6. Click “Select Files” to find an image on your drive and upload it.

Add media from URL

Or, if you need an image, go here, choose one of the images beginning with “4class_” by right-clicking on it and clicking “Copy Link Location” (it will fit better in your page if you choose one of the 150, 225 or 300 sized images, as indicated in the filename). In the Add Image box, choose “From URL”, then paste (ctrl-V) the image link you just copied into the Image URL box and add an image title.

7. For Alignment, select “Left”, then click “Insert into Post”.

8. Update the page, then go see what it looks like.

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