AAM 2012: Blogging Basics 101

Building blogs in Wordpress

Get the Word Out about Your Blog

If a blog post publishes and no one reads it, does it make a sound?

Target Relevant Communities

Do online outreach to communities bound by shared interests who might be interested in some aspect of your blog, such as a certain repeat author, a series, etc.

Consider these communities and outreach opportunities before you develop your content. Write for an audience that’s already there.

Ask writers for your blog to contribute posts to other blogs in their space of interest. This is a great way to show real commitment to community sharing. (A blog post doesn’t have to be on your blog to make an impact!)

Find On-Site Tie-Ins

Events and Exhibitions

Visitors are discussing your exhibits and events after your visit. How can your blog (and other social media) facilitate those discussions, or provide a space for questions and feedback?

Before a lecture or talk, ask your online visitors to submit questions for the speaker, or ideas for the program (this is an ideal use of Twitter, but the blog can also play).

After a lecture or talk, ask the host or moderator to extend an invitation to attendees to extend their experience online. Questions or comments should be welcome and promptly followed up on the blog and other social media.

Stealth Signage

Is there a physical space in your museum that could link people to your blog, whether through an on-site kiosk or something as simple as a QR code?

Where do people gather? Where do they wait in line? Your blog can be there. Consider getting creative with a scavenger hunt or low-budget game that drives people to the blog to learn more, play, connect, or contribute.

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